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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Health Nut

20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Health Nut

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Hands up if you have at least one health-nut-friend who seems impossible to buy for.

Finding the right Christmas gift can be tough. You could buy them wine, but let’s face it, even though we all love it, it’s a little awkward watching them pull it out of the bag, give polite thanks and pop it up on the shelf with the dozen other dusty bottles of Shiraz.

Supermarket chocolate is out – who knows what ingredients are in there anyway.

Cheese platter? Maybe. But what if they are vegan? Next level awkward right there!

Save yourself the stress and buy a thoughtfully selected gift from our “20 Gift Ideas for your Favourite Health Nut”.

Banish the ‘awks’ and give a gift that will have your mate punching the air with glee, earning you the ‘Best Friend Ever’ awards this year.

Yes. I just made that a thing…..

1. A Gratitude Diary for 2018

2018 Gratitude Diary

Do you know someone who strives to find balance? The pages of this Gratitude Diary are sprinkled with tips and suggestions on how to do this every day.

There’s also a space at the beginning of each day to journal their thoughts.

They will be amazed at how committing to this very simple practice will expand and calm their monkey-mind.

Add an extra special, personal touch and write a letter to your friend. Tell them all the things you admire about them and tuck it inside the front cover so they discover it later when they come to use the diary.

2. Blisume Scented Candles

Candles can be an unwanted gift for the health-conscious. Now I adore candles, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received them as a gift and felt disappointed because I know I won’t ever light them. Often candles contain toxic ingredients that I don’t want to burn in my home, especially when my little man is with me.

You see, some candles are marketed as “natural” yet still contain some nasty ingredients. From the type of wax used to the artificial perfumes, they can emit some pretty yucky stuff into the air.

These Blisume Candles are a great choice. They are completely free from synthetics, petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens. They’re made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for Vegans.

3. Nut Milk Bag

Us “healthies” love making our own nutritious “milks” like almond and coconut milk. Compared to the nut milk available in the supermarket, the home-made option is healthier, full of life force has NO preservatives, NO additives and NO mystery sweeteners (and it’s cheaper to make your own anyway).

This Nut Milk Bag is a versatile gift idea that can also be used to strain juices made in a Vitamix or Thermomix, or even to sprout seeds and grains.

4. The Swag – Starter Kit

The Swag Starter Kit

You can’t go wrong gifting The Swag Starter Kit to a friend or loved one. Health-minded peeps are known to have a fridge full of fruits and vegetables, and these bags keep the produce fresher for longer.

They’re made with a unique 3-layer patented design where the cotton bag protects fruits and veggies, preventing them from drying out or wilting.

The bags create a breathable environment which is moist, maintains an even temperature and allows for fruits and vegetables to thrive in the fridge 2-4 times longer than in the crisper.

The Swag bags are environmentally friendly, sustainable and can be easily washed in the machine.

5. Changing Habits Chocolate Making Ultimate Pack

Changing Habits Chocolate Making Ultimate Pack

One of the first things I did when I went through my health-awakening journey was stop buying the overly processed and GMO-laden supermarket chocolate and start making my own.

This Changing Habits Chocolate Making Ultimate Pack includes all the ingredients anyone could ever need to make their own healthy, delicious, organic chocolate.

6. Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes

Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes

I do love receiving epsom salts as a gift but better than that would be the Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes, sourced from the pristine salt lakes of Australia.

Health-minded peeps know the important role magnesium plays in the body and will think it’s impressive that you bought the magnesium flakes as they are 5 times stronger than epsom salts and are more easily absorbed into the body.

7. A Glass Water Bottle

Life Factory Glass Drink Bottle

Have you noticed health-conscious people don’t like drinking out of plastic? They’re aware of the chemicals leaching into the water they drink and they know the damage it causes in the environment. I’m willing to bet they’d choose to drink out of glass any day.

Even if they have one of these already, you can never have too many glass drink bottles floating around the house.

My 6-year old son uses the Eco Vessel and I use Life Factory.

8. A Healthy Book like Ferment by Holly Davis

Ferment by Holly Davis

If your healthy friend or loved one isn’t fermenting yet, trust me it won’t be long until they are! I haven’t met a health-nut yet who isn’t ‘fermenting-curious’.

This beautiful book Ferment by Holly Davis covers how to make kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, yoghurts, pickles and kimchi.

With free shipping from Book Depository to sweeten the deal AND delivery to Australia by Christmas (if you’re quick), it might be that perfect gift you have been searching for.

9. Pickl-it Condiment Set

Pickl-it Condiment Set Including Starter Culture

A great idea to complement the “Ferment” book are these Pickl-it Jars. Healthy people just love to make food from scratch, especially cultured vegetables rich in beneficial bacteria.

The jars are suitable for both condiments and vegetable ferments. The lid is air-tight and the high capacity barrel airlock ensures consistent results time and time again.

10. Non Stick Cookware

Scanpan Non Stick Cookware

Health Nuts are very wary of non-stick cookware. Receiving high quality stainless steel or cast iron cookware would be a welcome gift. Avoid pots or pans with any kind of ‘protective coating’.

11. Changing Habits Recipe Book

Changing Habits Recipe Book

Your healthy friend’s philosophy is probably based on eating whole foods. This means choosing ingredients that are as close as possible to their natural sources. The incredible “Changing Habits” books all follow that exact philosophy.

We all need a shakeup now and then with our meal planning. It’s so easy to get stuck in a meal-planning rut.

This Recipe Book includes over 140 healthy and easy to follow recipes that are easy to make, taste delicious and can inject some much needed vigor and freshness into your friend’s kitchen routine.

12. Activated Charcoal

Healthy Hacks Activated Charcoal

It’s all the rage, don’t you know?

Health nuts love to use it to whiten their teeth, make face masks – they even drink it to soak up those toxins. Handy on Christmas Day if anyone over-indulges and ends up with some gas or bloating.

Healthy Hacks Activated Charcoal is top of the range and guaranteed for human consumption.

13. Kora Christmas Gift Set

Kora Christmas Gift Set

The indulgent KORA Organics Give Grace Christmas Gift Set is from the KORA Organics Limited Edition Christmas Collection.

This deeply moisturising set for lips and hands helps to soothe and replenish even the driest of skin, while providing much-needed nourishment.

Kora is certified organic and feels just beautiful to use.

14. Life Basics Plastic Free Trio

Life Basics Plastic Free Trio

As we mentioned earlier, often people who are into healthy eating care about the environment too. That means avoiding plastic, especially single-use plastics, wherever possible.

In this Life Basics Plastic Free Trio Set you’ll find vegan food wraps, stainless steel straws and produce bags. Your friend will especially love the re-usable food wraps, not just because they’re plastic free but because they’ll be keen to avoid the chemicals found in store-bought cling wrap.

For those who are particularly interested in food wraps, also try these 4MyEarth Sandwich Wraps. They are PVC free, lead free and made from non-toxic fabric.

15. Essential Oils

Bare Oils Certified Organic

If your friend loves organics like me, Bare Oils are a perfect choice. They’re USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure and Therapeutic Grade.

The oils are made from plants which have been meticulously cultivated with no harmful chemicals and harvested at each plant’s peak season.

16. Diffuser

Bare Oils Ultrasonic Diffuser

To enhance the essential oil experience, your friend will need a Diffuser. The Bliss Ultrasonic Diffuser uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to create a powerful aromatherapy mist allowing the integrity and holistic properties of the Bare Oils to remain true and pure.

17. A Bellabeat

Bellabeat Wellness Tracker Wearable Jewellery


What on earth is a Bellabeat? I guarantee your health-obsessed friend has probably been eyeing this off for months!

Bellabeat is a wellness tracker that also doubles as stylish, wearable jewellery.

Not only does it monitor your sleep and activity levels, it can also track your menstrual cycle and meditation. The reminder system can be fully customised, so you can set up reminders to take your vitamins, stay active or drink more water.

The Bellabeat also lets you know how many steps you’ve taken, teaches you how to meditate, tracks how well you sleep and prepares you for your period. With a built in smart alarm, you can be gently reminded each night to go to sleep and each morning to wake up.

This is the kind of gift that will be cherished by your friend for years to come.

18. Finska

Finska Wooden Tossing Game

A great uni-sex gift and one suitable for all ages, Finska is a super fun and addictive backyard tossing game based on the ancient log throwing games from Finland.

This is a quality product constructed of sustainable birch wood, will last a lifetime AND, as a bonus, will entertain the family on Christmas Day.

19. Luxury Bathrobe

Certified Organic Mens Bathrobe Aegean Cotton

It’s not just the gals who love a good ‘robe! This Eco Cotton Luxury Bathrobe is made from 100% certified organic Aegean cotton and comes with a guarantee that absolutely no toxic materials were used to make this product.

Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world, so buying organic is not only a win for your health but also the environment.

20. Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher

If you’re not sold on any of the above options, you could always buy your healthy friend a Gift Voucher.

If you choose a store or online shop that is known for their organic and natural options, you can’t go wrong really.

My go-to places are:


Shop Naturally

Nourished Life

Emporio Organico

Changing Habits

20 Christmas gift ideas for your health-obsessed friend. Ideas for days!

Oh, and if you’re one of my friends, no more wingeing that you don’t know what to get me 🙂

Happy Chrissy Shopping everyone.


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